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OM 22

 Industrial benchtop micro-ohmmeter – High accuracy: 0.03 %

OM 22 Industrial benchtop micro-ohmmeter is used for 4-wire measurement of very low resistance values up to 20 KΩ with an accuracy of 0.03% RDG and a 0.1 µΩ resolution. Programmable, it is particularly suited for use on test benches with repetitive measurement tasks. The reliability and accuracy of the measurements is improved by a low temperature coefficient of 10 ppm/°C, automatic removal of EMF parasites before each measurement, metal temperature compensation and compensation of ambient temperature.


OM 22-1                 Industrial benchtop micro-ohmmeter

With RS 232 interface

OM 22-2                 Industrial benchtop micro-ohmmeter

With RS 232 interface and battery + charger

OM 22-3                 Industrial benchtop micro-ohmmeter

With RS 232 interface and IEEE 488

OM 22-4                 Industrial benchtop micro-ohmmeter

With RS 232 interface, IEEE 488 and battery + charger

Delivered in standard with LOG OM configuration software

Clips and probes:

Please note that 2 clips are needed per OM 22.

AN5806-2               Gold plated Kelvin clips, set of 2

Opening diameter: 12 mm, cable length: 2 m

AN5806C               Kelvin clips, set of 2

Opening diameter: 12 mm, cable length: 3 m

AMT003                 Test probe, per unit

Cable length: 5 m

AMT004                 Kelvin clip, per unit

Opening diameter: 25 mm, cable length: 3 m

Other accessories:

LOG OM                Configuration & exploitation software for OM 22

Including RS 232 cable

AN6901                 Soft case for benchtop instruments

AMT002                 External power supply 3 V – 10 A

AN5883                 Bracket mounting for panel installation (T2 box type)

AN5884                 Rack mounting kit for rack installation (T2 box type)

AN5875                 RS232 9p F cable

AN5836                 IEEE 488 cable

Length: 2 m

AN8009                 Set of 10 fuses – 16 A


QMA11EN              COFRAC certificate of calibration

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